Hello, my name isKendy Nguyen

I am a web developer based in San Diego, CA. My work experiences come from freelancing for small businesses. My goal is to help small businesses increase their online presence by building fast and responsive websites with a mobile-first mentality!

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Personal Project

To-do List Application

A to-do list application with user registration.

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Client Work

Chinatown Community Development Center

Redesign of a careers landing page.

Client Work

Nanocraft CBD

Redesigned product landing pages. Added more features to already existing theme

Client Work


Added more features to already existing theme

Client Work

Smart Landscape SD

Redesign of another landscaping business page. The form on the old website was not working, redesigned to have form on every single page.

Client Work

Calvine Landscape

Redesigned a client's landscaping business page. Using Gatsby as a foundation, page speed greatly increased.

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